Through the visions of the Three-eye Raven, they.

Robb had inspired the Riverlords to gather and, at Riverrun and at Raventree Hall, two hosts were emerging, forcing Tywin to retreat or be surrounded on.

. A day later, the whole fleet of Westeros sailed away from Casterly Rock with the intention of ending the rebellion of Greyjoys.

In the early dawn, Winterfell was a perfectly peaceful picturesque.

Robb Stark's war against the south threatens even the Lannisters, the most powerful House in Westeros.

cough a little promotion cough. 2K 48 1. In a flurry of action, everything changed before his eyes.


. Robb Stark of House Stark, sigil the direwolf. ] [Game of Thrones: Summers span decades.

Still in the beginning tbh, but I update around every four days (next chapter is tomorrow) and would love to hear your thoughts/feedback if you ever would like to read it :). In a flurry of action, everything changed before his eyes.

and Dorne.

However, Talisa's murder.

. Eventual Jon Snow/Daenerys Targaryen.

; Adaptational Heroism: Tyrion discovers the lannicest. The Grand Northern Conspiracy.

Rhaegar was loved by commoners and highborn alike, but everything got doomed the day Rhaegar's eyes met Lyanna Stark at the tourney of Harrenhal.

His wife, Talisa, lays on the ground.

. Stark Family Reunion (s) (ASoIaF) House Stark Family Feels (ASoIaF) Sansa wakes at midnight on her eleventh birthday to find Arya written across her wrist. Returning to his father's castle Jorg must confront horrors from his childhood and carve himself a future with all hands turned against him.

She puts him down. . . Two powerful houses joined together after a tragedy. .


. Quiet murmurs of the people living in the north getting up and starting their day of work.


He gets up and hears the words coming from Walder Frey's.

I've read a few fanfictions like Reign of Winter, The Many Sons of Winter and the Bloody Wolf of the North.

and Dorne.

The door slammed behind her and Gendry was in front of her.